So you want to run with the Warmachines

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So you want to run with the Warmachines

Post by Skirmish » Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:13 am

We get asked about going on runs, joining events and becoming a member of the Warmachines 702 a lot so I wanted to clear up somethings and show you how easy it is to join us. The Warmachines 702 started as a small group of friends with Jeeps getting together when they could to run some local trails. They didn't want to get involved with the more organized clubs with their meetings and rules. They didn't want to deal with parliamentary procedure or electing officers. They just wanted to crawl rocks. Now there are a lot of other clubs out there that aren't into formal organization but most will only do easy trails or some get too crazy and have to trailer to runs. The Warmachines 702 are about pushing a well built street legal rig and its driver to their limits but doing it safely as possible. We are going to break parts, some bumps and scratches will happen but we do our best to avoid real body damage, flops or injury. If you will lose your mind over a little body damage or you aren't having fun till a rig is on its lid then we probably aren't the club you are looking for. We will not have meetings or require you to attend anything. We just want to have some fun.

So how do you go about joining us for a run? Well, really you just have to ask. We regularly post runs in the Future Runs section of this forum that are open to anyone interested. All we ask is that you register for free on the forum so you can post a little about yourself and your rig. We want to make sure that you and your vehicle are up to the challenge. There are some runs we do that you can get by with a fairly stock rig and there are some that require lockers and big tires. We also want to know to expect you so we can better plan what we need to do to accommodate you. I started with a stock JK Sport running 31" street tires and did a few trails before I did any upgrades. There are guys in our group that love the challenge of guiding smaller rigs through trails. We welcome all levels on runs we think you will be safe on. We will also let you know if a run is unsafe for you.

Most of our runs are open to anyone we think can handle it but some are exclusive. Certain events and runs are for Club Members only. How do you become a Club Member? Well that isn't complicated either. We just need you to do a few runs with us so we know you are a decent person and your rig is worthy of wearing the Warmachine 702 name. We don't want to bring someone out that is going to cause problems and there should be a certain pride in owning a Warmachine. That doesn't mean you need a giant buggy, just a lifted, armored rig that is street worthy as well as trail ready. After 3 or 4 runs if we like you and you like us we will have a conversation about joining and the small fee. That's it. No long pledging process or time requirement. We also won't hand out stickers to anyone who wants one. What we are looking for is someone who fits in, acts as a responsible adult and wants to crawl rocks. Easy.

What will prevent you from going on runs? Mostly bad behavior. As far as I know only one person was banned, it was for excessive drinking and that was before my time. Drunk driving is not only illegal on the trail, it is dangerous to you and those around you. We will not tolerate anyone fighting physically or verbally. We will not tolerate anyone disrespecting the trail by littering or driving off the trail, deliberately destroying plants/trees, killing wildlife, drinking too much or generally making others have a bad day. We are about everyone having fun, respecting each other and the trail. We don't go out throwing mud because it ruins the trail. If you spend enough time in the desert you will see shotgun shells, blown up appliances, deep ruts in lake beds so no one else can enjoy them, piles of garbage...just a lot of things that may have been fun in the moment but long term ruin things for everyone else. We aren't about that and we don't want our name associated with the kinds of things that give off roaders a bad name. We also try to avoid illegal trails but that is a whole different problem that has been addressed or you can ask me about. If you want to cross onto BLM land that is posted or within the off limits boundaries you can do it without our name on your windshield but know you risk a large fine.

So bottom line is if you want to see what your Jeep really can do (we also allow non Jeep properly built rigs) and want to do it with fun people then say hi in the New Member Introductions, keep an eye on the Future Runs and join us on the trail. We don't bite, honest.

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